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I registered to win an Xbox 360 Premium package. There is no force on this green Earth that could induce me to spend $400 on a console setup (aside from a gift of many tax-free millions of dollars), but if the Internet wants to award me with one, I will gladly sacrifice a few minutes of my time once they decide to come out with something besides a football game, tit-juggling simulator, or first person shooter. Right now, the best launch game on Xbox 360 is the free Tetris-style game packed on the hard drive.

In thinking about how much I don't need an online-enabled console, and how I especially could care less about Xbox Live (bringing all the lazy, error-laden inconsistencies of PC gaming to your television!), I realized that the last time I used the Internet for a video game was 2001. Gaming is, for me, a solitary activity, or a fully social one (as in LAN parties). As curious as I am about games like City of Heroes or World of Warcraft, the cost-benefit just isn't there. I have other shit I want to do with my time besides leveling, like sleep, and cook, and take out the garbage. The Internet is something I use for complaining, not for gaming; I really don't care about how easy it is to get killed in effigy by some malnourished Korean.

Continuing on the theme of video games, [livejournal.com profile] spriggan and I installed Linux on the arcade machine. As I assume is typical of Linux, it's taking some tweaking to get it fully operational, which is fine except that it pushes me dangerously close to knowing more about computers than I want to. Issues that need solving include getting Linux to output to the 15mhz arcade screen, launching AdvanceMenu automatically on boot, and speeding up the emulator so the games run at the proper speed. The screen thing seems to be the most challenging of these three.

I was listening to Jefferson Starship when I started this post. Now I'm listening to Manowar. They are, apparently, the Kings of Metal. You have to hit that t really hard when you say that. "Kings of Me*t*-al."
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If you were me, which games would you make it your priority to have on your new arcade machine, once it was fully functional?

Use the MAME section of this website as your guide.


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