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The U.S. Public Health Service must be really jealous right now. They just got trumped by FEMA for how many poor people you can torture and murder just by lying, and witholding information and basic necessities.

Also, it's funny. If you click on the "History" link of the USPHS site above, their history starts in the 1800's and is fairly detailed up to 1912, where it stops. The next paragraph begins with something about "in this new millienium." They just completely disregard 40 years of vile, human experimentation. Funny. Like in the same way the gallows at Dachau are funny.

Also, I can't find any quotes for this (can anyone else? I'm curious. Please?). I'm hearing that FEMA and other Federal people are trying to blame this on the Governor of Louisiana for not asking for help before Katrina hit. Apparently, FEMA is saying that they can't go into a state until the state asks for help, which is probably the most plainly untrue thing to have emerged from the hole in Washington that has been alternately spewing lies an plague for the last five years. The President has the power to declare a state of emergency whenever the hell he wants to, and that gives FEMA the authority to act. If FEMA could not act, it was because no SoE was declared, and this debacle is therefore the President's fault.

Now, a governor can also declare a State of Emergency. There's no denying incompetence there, because she didn't. But guess what the President's job is? No, it's not to shit on the chests of the poor; it's to run the country!

So let's pretend you are at your job. You have this one task that you should do, but it's a shared responsibility and your supervisor can do it better, more efficiently, and has many more resources to bring to bear on this task. If you fuck up and don't do this task, you will probably be fired, but if your supervisor doesn't do it too, your company blows up and everyone inside dies. Your boss is supposed to be working, even when he's on vacation, because the shareholders really look poorly on a company that blows up.

So you fuck up and don't do this thing, you know, reset the timer or turn a big, dramatic valve or something like that. And some of the shareholders notice, and they all look at your supervisor, who makes eye contact with them, nods like he knows what's going on, and then goes back to playing dominos with a couple hookers he met in Vegas. And your company blows up and everyone dies.

So you're at fault, yes, but your boss is the guy who let everyone die.

There is a thing that they tell you in elementary school is illegal to say, and that if you say it, they can arrest you. I don't know if it is or not, but I really hope - for the first time, I think - that someone out there is thinking about it enough to actually go and do it. I really do. People should not be held accountable for this. They should be punished.

EDIT: It appears that both the President and the Governor of Lousiana declared States of Emergency. So the blame then moves down solely onto FEMA head Michael Brown and HS Sec Michael Chertoff. This site has an interesting timeline (via [livejournal.com profile] subatomicsatan).

However, this does not explain why the necessary assets were not in place before the hurricane hit, as they were in Florida.

2nd EDIT: Both States of Emergency were declared pretty much just as the stupid hurricane hit. The Governor of Louisiana's covered the entire state, while the President's covered these areas. You'll notice New Orleans and most of the other hardest hit (ie, along the water, where the hurricane was coming from) areas are not covered. I'm back to blaming the President and hoping for you know what. I feel better.


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