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I have a creepy rash on my arm. I think it's from all the blood and piss.

[livejournal.com profile] tegin, her friend Robert and I went to Rock & Shock this weekend. As cons go, it was pretty small, but for a horror/metal convention I think it was pretty packed. George Romero's talk was standing room only, and well worth waiting around for an hour. Tegin got Jeffrey Combs' autograph, and Beefcake the Mighty signed my tits.

I was reminded once again at the show why I don't get in fights. Some little hardcore shit intentionally kicked Tegin in the thigh (like, with a full windup; the only reason he didn't get her directly in the crotch was because of the motion of the crowd), nearly dropping her, which is no mean feat. When I tried to throw an elbow into the side of his head (while his back was turned; call it what you will), I missed cleanly and hit some other kid in the face. Peace was later made, but I still feel really guilty about hitting him. I should have stuck with my original idea and just stolen the hardcore kid's hat.

What is it, by the way, that attracts such shitheads to the hardcore aesthetic? Universally, hardcore kids seem to be the worst of humanity. They dress and smell like either poor hippies or wigger fratboys, and they behave like skinheads, except that at least skinheads have an ethos. I would very much like to see every single dude with an FSU tattoo rounded up and dropped into a vat of acid.

Still, GWAR was, as always, awesome. TurboNegro (whose website is blocked as pornography by my browser) were very strange, but also awesome. They're like the Village People of metal. The only other band we saw - Devil Driver - rocked and were generally metal, complete with synchronized headbanging.

I wish the show had been back in San Francisco, because then [livejournal.com profile] xjuggernaughtx would have been there, and possibly Dan. Dan would have stolen that kids' hat for me.


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