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First of all, I wonder if any of you out there in Internet-land would be interested in training up to a 200 or 250 kilometer ride for mid-August. I've got one guy to ride with occasionally, but he's way ahead of me training-wise. I'd like someone who won't dust my fat ass in the first ten miles. Someone who maybe fancies setting rural ice-cream parlors and fruit stands as midway points. I'd be happy to offer advice on gear to interested parties new to the idiocy of traveling long distances with a narrow piece of synthetic leather jabbing him or her in the groin.

I definitely did two AIDS Rides and a few other charity events, and then totally pussed out. For the last couple years, I've noticed a cueioua swelling in my ass and midsection. I've heard there are surgical procedures that can alleviate this, but I'd like to try a more holistic approach first.

Now I'm thirty, and if I don't keep up with the cardio I'm going to have to cut down on the bacon and breakfast beers. Also, I saw a picture of myself from [livejournal.com profile] bnp1223 and [livejournal.com profile] nmi's wedding, and I was fucking cut back then.

Also, Tegin's going to be behind the Iron Curtain all summer rescuing scientists and cruising around in a fly Aston-Martin. It's iffy whether I'll be able to afford to go visit her, so I'll need to do something with my groin until she gets back.

I'll admit that I only read a small selection of my friends list on a weekly basis, so I miss a lot of what you post, but I'm sort of surprised that I've only seen one person mentioning the possibly impending nuclear war with Iran, and that a couple days after the New Yorker broke the story.

Seymour Hersch isn't exactly a fringe lunatic. And when the President's answer to the question "Do you intend to drop a nuclear bomb on Iran?" is "All options are on the table," my waking life starts to take on this hazy nightmare quality that generally only overtakes me when I'm getting the shit kicked out of me by a relative. Paperclip that to the fact that we're seeing the same script played out in the media as we did a few years ago – down to word for word repeats of certain arguments, and you start getting this creepy deja vous.

I swear this government is like some Apocalyptic Eagles, playing the same farewell concert over and over again. Except when the last depressing Vegas encore is played we all stand there clapping while we shit our liquefied intestines out from radiation poisoning.


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