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Rumsfeld also said people ought to "just back off" and stop demanding specific benchmarks or timelines for progress in Iraq, saying it is just too difficult to predict when the Iraqis can take control of their country.

Rumsfeld then stomped his feet and demanded ice cream for dinner.

- Rumsfeld pledges increased support for Iraqi security forces
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You've all seen this ad.

There's this ruckus about it being racist, which I guess is because Ford is black. The implication here is that a white woman (and worse, one of the virginal flowers from Playboy Magazine!) might have had relations of some kind with him. As you know, the very thought of a white woman succumbing to the animal charms of our lesser African brothers is horrifying to many cracker minds; us white boys recoil at the thought of the African's mighty, pulsing manhood thoroughly corrupting our womenfolk, and forever poisoning them against white meat. Also, black dudes are scary even with their clothes on.

I don't know if I really buy that part of the controversy. If the ad is anything, it's sexist. I don't think folks who vote based on their fears of racial impurity are capable of catching the racial subtext in the ad, if it's there at all. The feel is more one of religious fear of sexuality than Southern race politics. Also, there's the implication that Ford is not only soft on terrorism, but that he's a staunch defender of terrorist-rights; which if that's true, he's got my vote. I feel ashamed every time a terrorist is forced by the bus driver to give up his seat for me. It's time someone stood up for the terrorists.

What bugs me about the ad, though, is how totally insubstantial it is. Is the Republican party in Tennessee so devoid of a message that they can afford to produce such a vapid advertisement? I know political ads are generally disingenuous at best and outright lies at worst, but they also usually at least take a shot at substance with little graphics of highlighted newspaper text and sepia film of farmers or coal miners/black and white footage of rapists eating filet mignon depending on the non-issues at stake in the election.

I rarely agree with Republicans, but I remember a time when I respected their party in many ways. Reagan was a psycho, but he was an ethical psycho who knew how to tell a yarn. But if the entirety of your message in a given election is that:
a) Your opponent (a single man, I think) has sex with Playboy Bunnies.
b) He may be black.
You've already lost.

Seriously, if I was Harold Ford's campaign manager, I would respond with a positive ad that went something like this:

"Harrison Ford saved the galaxy from Darth Vader as Han Solo, and married a princess. Then, he fought Nazis and saved the world from deranged psychopath Adolph Hitler, at the same time securing the Ark of the Covenant – and God's permanent blessing – for the United States. Then, he saved a little Amish boy's life, protected his nation from Irish terrorists, a top-secret Soviet nuclear submarine, and rampaging killer androids from space. Harrison Ford is a God Damn hero. What the hell has Bob Corker ever done?

"Vote Harold Ford this November."

You know what else? The Republican Party is missing the boat with this ad anyway. Look at Ford's website. That dude is only a teeny, tiny bit blacker than I am. He doesn't even have any pictures of black folks on his web site. His platform says fuck all about race issues or affirmative action. I'm willing to bet that a good percentage of the people he represents don't even realize he's black, but even if they do he's exactly the kind of black guy who makes white people feel okay about black people. 50 Cent he is not. He's not even Usher.

You know what I think? I think Ford, in the next debate, should show Tennessee exactly how much of a pussy Corker is. Cater to stereotypes. From his podium across the stage, Ford could offer this rebuttal:

Ford: Bitch, did you just scuff my Nikes?

Corker: What?

Ford: What the fuck do you mean what, bitch? Did you just scuff my Nikes?

Corker: Um.

Ford: [leaves his podium and approaches Corker, while removing his sport coat] Oh it's ON, now, bee-yatch. You gon' be pissin' blood 'n I'm through wit you.

Corker: Wait!

Ford: You got something to say, bitch? You got something to say, motherfucker?

Corker: No! I. . . I'm sorry I scuffed your Nikes.

Ford: Sorry what, bitch?

Corker: Sorry I scuffed your Nikes. . .sir?

Ford: S'cool. [returns to his podium] Next question?

Also, since when is picking on diseased celebrities cool? How come no one told me it was okay to kick these fuckers while they're down?

Remember that time Richard Pryor died? Shameless publicity stunt, trying to promote baby-killing stem cell research. I hope he dies again. Christopher Reeve was also faking in a calculated attempt to gain sympathy for Palestinian terrorists.
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Those of you involved with PETA out to take a look at this.

Now, it's important to note that this story is being given legs by a website run by the Center for Consumer Freedom, an industry group that specializes in attacking and painting environmental, animal rights and public health groups as extremists and even terrorists.

Here's some highlights from the CCF's "About Us" page:
"The Center for Consumer Freedom is supported by restaurants, food companies and more than 1,000 concerned individuals."

"Many of the companies and individuals who support the Center financially have indicated that they want anonymity as contributors. They are reasonably apprehensive about privacy and safety in light of the violence some activist groups have adopted as a 'game plan' to impose their views."

Now, the status of the CCF alone makes any claims they make pretty suspect (check out their Obesity Debate page for some classic pro-industry propaganda. It's full of stories that refute claims that very few health groups or physicians organizations are making, while managing to not actually address the obesity problem at all. It's a fascinating excersize in propagandizing).

However, the copies of the filings (linked here) from the Norfolk, VA office of PETA on the percentage of animals killed over animals adopted out (86% killed) are pretty shocking, especially considering that the Norfolk SPCA manages to find homes for 73% of its animals.

Now, there's nothing that can be done about the CCF, unless the CEO of McDonald's has friended me without me noticing, in which case I encourage him to keep those shitheels on a shorter leash. But those of you who count yourselves as members of PETA should be making a fucking phone call and demanding that they keep every single one of those animals alive that is capable of living reasonably well (I've no illusions that, say, rescued fighting cocks can be expected to be rehabilitated). There's no room for hypocrisy in an organization like PETA.

Links ripped from the journals/comments of [livejournal.com profile] madeofmeat, [livejournal.com profile] theturducken.

Check out my new icon! Look into his eye!

UPDATED: All of these links are worksafe, but one or two of them might have pictures of meat or dead animals.
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Boy, I sure am glad we've got all the terrorists pinned down in Iraq. Better to fight and kill them over there than have them over here, killing us.
Jun. 29th, 2005 08:54 am

a funny

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Courtesy, once again, of the National Review

"[W]hat made the speech effective was the setting: a room full of troops at Fort Bragg. By putting the president in front of a military audience, which ensured little if any interruptions for applause, the White House removed all semblance of political theater..."


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