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Roxanne is chock full of awesome. She is also, apparently, chock full of poo as well. So chock full, in fact, that it recently became a problem. Especially when all that poo became a delivery system for fair warning of grossness and important news about the dog )
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I see by my to-do list that it is time to update my LJ. I have little to say that has not already been said.

My computer is finally up and running after nearly two months. It turns out that one of my drives has bad sectors, gained presumably in the power outage that hosed my RAID array. This was causing bluescreen restarts. The system is now running stably, and the damaged drive is winging its way to the manufacturer, where pixies will handcraft a new hard drive, engrave it with gossamer teardrops, and install it in the RAID array that is my heart.

The dog has been getting worse lately, showing further signs of anxiety including heavy salivation and panting. She seems to be having attacks around 2 am every night, which actually works out because I usually have to pee around then anyway. Calming juices continue to have a limited mitigating effect, but it still tends to lead to about an hour less sleep a night than I would like to be having. Anyway, she seems to have stabilized there, which is annoying, but better than the shrieking night terrors she used to have.

I've been playing phone tag with her vet, and research on the Internets has yielded one or two suggestions, including one I think might work out okay - namely getting one of those Kong Toys inside of which you can put some food for the purpose of torturing your pet with permissable but inaccesible nummers. I figure if I fill on of those fuckers with spray cheese, I'm good for like three days of peace.

Also, here are the top thirty facts about Chuck Norris.


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