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My second published comic came out this week!

Balancing Act from IDW Publishing. This is the 72-page collected edition of the 2005 and 2006 Collectors' Club comic serial. It is a serious fan wank, but I'm pretty proud of most of the writing.

It may be available at your local comics retailer. Online, it looks like Bob's Comics still has copies.

For locals, Million Year Picnic may have one copy left.
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I'm sure you're getting sick of this by now, but here's yet another post about my comic.

It should be out the last Wednesday in November. The title is Transformers Timelines #1: Dawn of Future's Past. Beneath the cut, there should be an exciting picture of the Diamond exclusive cover.

Click here to know what you're shopping for! )
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When I said my comic would be out November 1, I was misinformed, and in turn misinformed you. November 1 was when Diamond was supposed to have all of the orders in for the book, which means it should be out last week of November or in the first couple weeks of December. I'm not certain when.

The good news is that Diamond's received orders surpassing the number in the first printing, so a second run has to be done. Now we'll see if we can sell through 6400 copies of this comic. I'm relying on you here, people.
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It's confirmed that I'm co-writing (or rather, adapting someone else's idea) the Transformers Collector's Club comic for next year. This is a big deal. The 2007 convention is happening in Providence, the weekend before the movie opens. Movie people will be there. Comics people will be there. Everyone will be there.

There is a certain talent to being successful, especially when it comes to creative industries like comics or movies. The people who make it are more often simply determined and willing to exploit every contact they make than they are honestly talented. It's critical to remember that if someone gives you his email address, it's an invitation to exploit him in that manner. This is the function of a professional friendship, and something I've never been good at.

I've also never been good at being aggressive when it comes to pursuing success. This is a flaw I need to correct. More and more often, I am being regarded as an "expert" on Transformers, not only internally at the Big Bro, but also by the community at large (this terrifies me, by the way. Every day I am confronted by my own ignorance at the breadth of Transformers history). It is not unreasonable that I might ask for a story consultancy, or even a shot at a screenplay re-write, on the sequel to next summer's film (should a sequel occur). Will I ask for such a thing if the opportunity to speak to the right people comes up? Probably not. But it's a nice thought.

I'm not a humble person, as I covered before. But I do often feel as if I'm swimming in the deep end before I'm ready. I think – I hope – that this is the way everyone feels once they are considered expert at something. You can never have perfect knowledge. I expect the reaction most people have to a question posed them in their roles as "authority" is the sudden and terrible knowledge of their own ignorance.
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Hey there folks. On Wednesday (New Comic Day!) November 1, Transformers: Timelines #2 Dawn of Future's Past hits shelves at your local comics retailer. It was written by yours truly, which means it is awesome above and beyond the fact that it's a story about killer robots from space.

If each of you go and buy two to twenty copies, I will probably get paid to write more comics. If I become rich and famous like Alan Moore, I will let you all touch my beard for luck.

Also, if you do go buy it, and read it, let me know what you think. If you don't buy it, lie to me and tell me you did, because otherwise I will hate you forever.

Tell your friends! Brag about how you know me!
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Having recently immersed myself even moreso in comics than I have in the past been wont to to do, I have noticed some patterns.

There are a number of timeworn tactics employed by super heroes in a variety of circumstances. Many of these would be infeasible without superhuman abilities of one kind or another. Many of them seem utterly pointless in theory, but appear to work in practice.

Scatter: )

The Fastball Special: )

The Diving Smash: )

The Pig Pile: )

Blowing up the World: )

The Diving Roll and/or Jumping Splits: )

Throwing Things: )

Stimulating memories: )

Can anyone think of any others?


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