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Some concerns have been expressed that folks might not RSVP for my birthday due to uncertainty about transport to Funspot.

So far, about 20 people are signed on, so I will be looking in to a bus, but if the bus doesn't work out, rest assured I will take pains to organize a convoy so that everyone who wants to go can get a ride. RSVP if you want to come and let me worry about the details.
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As you may or may not know, I'm turning 30 on September 16.

I am culturally bound to freak out and make a giant fucking deal out of having been alive for what is probably already more than half my life, given the yearly increases in deaths from cancer and heart disease.

Seriously. Statistically speaking, I've only got a few more years people. I've got to pack as much fun into this one as possible, because after 30 you're not allowed to do cool shit any more. Look at Axl Rose! The guy hit 30, and hasn't done a single damn worthwhile thing since!

Therefore, I'm planning a series of events in which I would like you, your guests, and any strangers you happen to meet on the way, to join me. Sean, who will also recently have turned 30, will hopefully be joining us for some of these celebratory activities despite his newly distant residence. He deserves your love and company more than I do, because honestly, I'm actually kind of a jerk.

So here's the deal:
Friday the 16th:
Dinner at Fugakyu (sushi) in Coolidge Corner in Brookline
Dancing and irresponsibility at some cheesy hip-hop night TBD.

Saturday the 17th:
Funspot in Weirs, NH
Beers and meats at Bukowski in Inman Square, Cambridge (Sean will be there!).

Please to be RSVPing for the purposes of gauging how many folks will be joining us for Friday's dinner and Saturday's outing.

Further details follow:
Friday the 16th will be the expensive night for you Richie Rich's out there:
Dinner at Fugakyu, around 8-8:30, followed by a trek to downtown Boston, where we will squeeze ourselves into one of the ten million bars that serve scorpion bowls and cater to beer-blinded college guys and their too-skinny girlfriends.

There, we will stagger the night away, clumsily stepping on each other's feet as we sway drunkenly to 50 Cent and a bunch of other rappers everyone but you has heard of because you're so hip and counterculture.

Meeting up with us after dinner is permissible.

The next morning - Saturday the 17th - the cheap day starts:
Let's all get up early and drive two hours north to Funspot (http://www.funspotnh.com/) in Weirs, NH! This place has bowling, mini-golf, and about a million classic arcade games that still only cost a quarter each. Rumor has it that there's also a go-kart place across the street.

If enough folks are interested, I'll look into getting a bus, so fewer people have to drive, and the "party room" is also an option. For $10 each, we get:

* 35 Tokens! (75 for the birthday person plus a spin on the fantastic new FUNSPOT Prize Wheel!)
* A coupon good for one string of bowling/shoe rental good on their next visit!
* 1 slice of freshly baked pizza from The Braggin' Dragon Restaurant!
* Ice cream cake and unlimited soda...and free coffee for the adults!
* Balloons and decorations including party hats and blowers!

I'll see if we can replace the unlimited soda with a limited quantity of beer, since we're all grown-ups. Also - party hats! Balloons! Blowers (which is usually at least $20, even at a truck stop, but I guess it's special for birthday parties)!

Once our throats and eyes are sufficiently destroyed by inhaling over-conditioned air and staring at cathode-ray tubes almost as old as me, we will return to Cambridge and reconvene for beer and meat at Bukowski's in Inman Square. After all of this we should all hopefully be satisfied and even slightly nauseated by so much fun. You will all kindly depart and leave me alone to cuddle with my girlfriend among what will hopefully be a giant pile of presents.

Also, apologies to those who get this more than once.


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