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[livejournal.com profile] lulus_curse and I are having our joint birthday party on September 29, but we don't know where. If you've got pants big enough for us and all our friends to party in, let one of us know! We could have it at her place, but she lives on Jupiter in Revere. My place will likely be struck with moving chaos that weekend.

In more settled news, my actual birthday is actually next week. As is my privelege, I've decided to inflict my horrible taste on all of you on Friday the 14th.

So, remember when Reign of Fire came out, and you were all excited because the poster showed a dragon fighting a Blackhawk helicopter? And you were all like, "Holy shit! There is a movie coming out where dragons totally fight the U.S. military!" And then it came out, and it kind of sucked, and your girlfriend dumped you because she couldn't get the thought of Matthew McConaughey with his shirt off out of her head?

Well now there's a movie come out that actually does have dragons fighting the U.S. armed forces, possibly even including the Coast Guard. Check it out.

If you don't agree that trailer redefines awesome, you are clearly Phil Collins, and I don't know why you are reading my Livejournal.

So I declare Friday the 14th to be "Drinks & Dragon War Day." We will eat food, have beer, and then go watch Dragon War. Then we will go drink more beer. More details once they announce showtimes.

Also, Saturday the 15th is the Sinomatic Variant Ball, at Machine. I'll be working that night, so it would be cool if you guys could all come keep me company. Yes, it's $20 to get in, and there will be fat, greasy people in rubber everywhere, but how is that different from any other time we've hung out? Mike has already promised to get Rubberella to sing happy birthday to me, and hopefully she'll do it while wearing the inflatable decolletage.


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